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Houses with Four Bedrooms in Austin, TX

Austin Texas boasts year round sunny skies and is home to one of the United States most progressive and fastest growing city in the United States. It's not uncommon for temperatures in the middle of January to be in the mid 70s.

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This temperate climate coupled with the great educational opportunities, career prospects, and family oriented communities makes Austin Texas one of the most desirable locations for young people. Austin has been heralded as the live music capital of the world, a distinction the city is very proud of.

Austin has a lot to offer and should defiantly be on the top of anyones list for a potential home.

Housing isn't an issue in Austin and there are many homes up for grabs in this gorgeous city. No matter what you are looking for, you can be sure it can be found in Austin. One person townhouses for bachelors, and houses with four bedrooms for families.

With housing out of the way, we should look at some of the great opportunities and experiences this bustling Texan metropolis has to offer. Austin's residences are lucky enough to have the best of every world at their fingertips. High class restaurants, prestigious educational institutions, and a bustling cultural scene make Austin the perfect fit for almost anyone.

People who call Austin home have access to hundreds of world class restaurants located all over the city. Whether you indulge in Texas barbeque at Franklins Barbecue, or feed your more exotic tastes at Sushi Sake Japanese Cuisine, your inner food lover will fall in love with this city.

Austin is home to many great educational institutions such as the University of Austin Texas. Thanks to the university Austin has been voted most educated city in the United States, by publications such as the Spoksman Review, and the university constantly rates in the top tier of United States higher education.

Austin is a city that has a lot to offer, but this has barely scratched the surface.

4-Bedroom Houses for Sale in Austin, TX

Austin Texas is home to great education, great food, but these factors might not be enough to entice one to take the dive and give the city a shot. However, Austin's other attractions bring people to the city as well.

Austin Texas is the live music capital of the world and every popular artist from every genre makes a stop in the city eventually. Everyone from the yeah yeah yeah's to The Who has made an appearance at one of Austin's many legendary venues. If live music isn't your thing, career options are plentiful in Austin.

Austin Texas has been called Silicon Valley version two by many, and for good reason. Austin is home to a large technology industry and jobs are plentiful. Companies like Google and Facebook sport large Austin offices, but those are just two out of hundreds of potential careers in Austin Texas. Fields such as dentistry, teaching, and law also have a home in Austin, which sports a nation leading 5% unemployment rate.

If the entertainment, higher education, or career opportunities aren't enough to encourage you to give Austin a try, you might want to consider how great the city can be for growing families. There are many 4 bedroom homes for growing families in the city with close access to great schools, and parks.

Austin is serviced by hundreds of public schools, and some stand above the rest. The Eanes Independent School district boasts not only the best school district in the city, but it is in fact one of the best in the state. Couple this hundreds of parks in Austin Texas, and the city quickly becomes one of the best environments imaginable for growing families.

When people first imagine living in Texas they can be skeptical, but Austin is a unique city with unique opportunities and everyone should consider living there.